Board of directors

Ulstein Group ASA started operations on 4 May 1999, and originates from Ulstein Mek. Verksted, established in 1917.

Tore Ulstein
Chair of the Board
Deputy CEO, chief market & innovation Officer Ulstein Group

Ingerid Ulstein
Deputy chair of the Board
Managing director of Ulsmo AS and Chair of the Board of several Ulsmo companies

Gro Kielland
Member of the Board
Member of various company boards

Erik Bartnes
Member of the Board
Member and chair of various company boards

Rolv Bakke
Observer to the Board
Superintendent maintenance Ulstein Verft AS

Per Olav Hansen
Observer to the Board
Service coordinator Ulstein Power & Control AS

Gunvor Ulstein
CEO Ulstein Group
Managing director Ulstein Shipping AS