Contributed to Instituto Guga Kuerten

​'CBO Oceana' is the first vessel constructed at the Oceana yard in Brazil, and was named on 9 March 2016. As a proud ship designer, Ulstein made a donation to the Instituto Guga Kuerten of R$ 10.000 on the occasion. The donation certificate was received by the vessel's lady sponsor, Mrs. Alice Kuerten.

Lady sponsor Alice Kuerten is co-founder of the non-profit organisation Instituto Guga Kuerten, that uses sport to ensure inclusion and development of life skills of disabled people, to which Ulstein has now donated 10.000 Real. Gustavo (Guga) Kuerten is a former World No 1 tennis player, and son of the lady sponsor. He opened the Guga Kuerten Institute in 2000. The mission of the institute is to provide opportunities for social changes, and is dedicated to providing developmental opportunities, sports and education, as well as to promote social inclusion throughout the Brazilian nation. Only two years after the opening, more than 40.000 people had been assisted across Brazil.

As a proud ship designer of the CBO OCEANA PX105 design, Ulstein has made a donation to the Instituto Guga Kuerten of R$ 10.000, approx 2.660 USD.

ULSTEIN PX105 design
The PX105 design is a large platform supply vessel with accommodation for 23 people. The vessels are 88.9 metres long and 19 metres wide. With a DWT of 4,700 tonnes they comply with Petrobras’ PSV 4500 tender. These vessels have a high operational window and can take on complex assignments far from shore. They come with the X-BOW® hull line design feature, in which slamming and abrupt stops from waves are eliminated. The vessels are cost-effective and fuel-saving, and the crews get more efficient rest, which also increase safety.

The size and versatility of these vessels make them suitable for many markets and operations

The contract with Oceana includes designs and an extended main equipment package, as well as engineering and purchase support.

'CBO Oceana' while on sea trial, February 2016. Photo by commissioning engineers from Ulstein.