RS 'Idar Ulstein' combines speed and bollard pull

The state-of-the-art search and rescue boat ‘Idar Ulstein’, built for the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, was named on 12 November 2015.

RS ‘Idar Ulstein’ is the first vessel in the new ‘Ulstein class’, named after ULSTEIN’s long-time CEO. RS ‘Idar Ulstein’ was named by lady sponsor Gunvor Ulstein in a ceremony in Ulsteinvik.

Ulstein Group has financed the major part of the total NOK 38 million costs. The boat is stationed in Fosnavåg. Check out the continuously updated status on life rescued, persons and boats assisted by 'RS Idar Ulstein'.

The 22 metre rescue vessel has a top speed close to 40 knots. By using powerful twin engines and a water jet, she combines high speed with large bollard pull. RS ‘Idar Ulstein’ is outfitted with the latest in modern equipment for tackling demanding rescue operations in difficult weather conditions.

“Short response time is essential to saving lives at sea. With RS ‘Idar Ulstein’ we combine a high-speed vessel with the size needed to operate in the demanding coastal regions,” says Nicolai Jarlsby, President of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (RS).

38 million cost
The Search and Rescue (SAR) vessel is operated by a crew of three; captain, mate and chief. She is primarily serving coastal, fishing and recreational vessels. As well as emergency lifesaving and rescue, the vessel is designed to perform operations including towing, salvage, diving missions, fire, ambulance and medical transportation. The vessel is equipped with the latest in radar technology and an advanced thermal camera. This makes RS ‘Idar Ulstein’ a complete rescue vessel.

“This is a gift in memory of Idar Ulstein, Ulstein Group’s CEO and Chair of the Board through many years, who passed away in 2012. Idar Ulstein was a great supporter of RS. This donation, honouring his life and contribution to the maritime industry, will help to save the lives of many people experiencing difficulties off the Norwegian coast,” says Tore Ulstein, Chair of the Board in Ulstein Group.

RS ‘Idar Ulstein’ has been built at Swede Ship Marine, Sweden.

FACTS - RS 158 «Idar Ulstein»

Main characteristics
Length: 22 m
Beam: 6.26 m
Depth: 1.2 m
Propulsion: Rolls-Royce water jet
Engines: Two MTU, each of 1660 hp
Bollard pull: 12 tonnes
Max speed: 38 knots
Building material: Aluminium
Working deck with towing winch

Fire capacity of 4,000 litres per minute

Chairman of the Board at Ulstein Group, Tore Ulstein, Secretary General at Norwegian Sea Rescue, Rikke Lind, and CEO Ulstein Group, Gunvor Ulstein, at the announcement of the donation.

Modernising Norwegian Sea Rescue’s fleet is essential. “When a life is at stake, every second counts. That’s why it is so important to upgrade our fleet with new, faster vessels, which will allow us to reach an incident anywhere in Norwegian waters within an hour,” says Rikke Lind.

Norwegian Sea Rescue is honoured to be able to name one of its ships after Idar Ulstein. Rikke Lind, Secretary General, Norwegian Sea Rescue

Tore Ulstein, Chair of the Board at Ulstein Group, comments: “Norwegian Sea Rescue saves lives and assets, and we believe that this gift will help make the Norwegian seas safer for everyone.”

Gunvor & Tore Ulstein ready for their first sea trial of the vessel. The ship will be named 12 November in Ulsteinvik.

Rikke Lind, Secretary General, Norwegian Sea Rescue, stated: “This is an extraordinarily generous gesture by ULSTEIN and one of the largest ever donations made to our organisation. We are honoured to be able to name one of its ships after Idar Ulstein. Throughout his life, Idar Ulstein was a driving force in the development of the maritime industry, both nationally and internationally and this donation pays tribute to an already impressive legacy. Idar Ulstein was a passionate supporter of Norwegian Sea Rescue and this donation, honouring his life, will potentially help save the lives of many people experiencing difficulties off the Norwegian coast.”