Our culture

We have a business culture that combines structure and creativity, experience and innovation, bold thinking and precise execution.

Driven by a vision of creating tomorrow's solutions for sustainable marine operations, we develop groundbreaking designs, systems and solutions, and build vessels for the most demanding conditions. We aim to be one step ahead in solving key challenges for the maritime industry. By innovating and shaping the solutions of tomorrow we create value for customers, shareholders, employees and the society at large. We constantly search for better answers. The first step is to ask new questions. ULSTEIN has met past industry challenges by embracing change and identifying opportunities, and we continue to believe in that formula.


All people in Ulstein shall be able to, willing to and allowed to carry through our values: Innovate, Engage and Advance.

With creative enthusiasm we combine skills, knowledge and creativity to come up with new concepts, solutions and products that can carry the maritime industry into the future.

"Our people are our most important asset." Gunvor Ulstein, CEO

Ulstein Group is a family-owned company, associated with unique design and quality in delivery. We design and build ships for a variety of operations, develop and integrate power and control systems, constantly innovate to come up with new solutions for increased efficiency and operability.


To simplify and improve work processes and collaboration, we document and streamline the business and work processes from idea to final product.


Our strength is to have design, engineering, and production within our group of companies. Through continuous contact with ship operators and contractors, and through our ship investment activities, we have solid knowledge of the demands our products and services must meet.

We build and develop vessels at the Ulstein Verft, as well as providing ship design packages and on-site services to yards world-wide.

The X-BOW® is one great example of what we are able to achieve when visionary designers work together with our practical, problem-solving engineers.


At Ulstein we take pride in our people. The diversity of skills, personalities, experience and background creates a global team who combines innovation, quality and expertise. It is our people who stand for the innovation processes, starting with a wild idea and ending up with a new solution or product.

Who we are


Our vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations. We care for the natural environment and the society we are a part of, and sustainable growth is at the core of what we do. We have been around for 100 years, and we aim to keep going for generations to come.


Added value

Innovative ship designs and sustainable solutions. ULSTEIN contributes in creating a maritime industry that is highly competitive and green.

Added value

Our heritage

Across time, ULSTEIN has evolved from being a mechanical workshop to an innovator in vessel design, shipbuilding and maritime products and solutions. Here's a glimpse from our 100 years of history.

Our heritage