Terms of use of Ulstein Group’s website

Terms of use of Ulstein Group's website, which are in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for EU/EEA citizens.

General terms and conditions

Ulstein Group’s web site, its design and textual and graphical contents, are protected by the copyright of Ulstein. No part of the contents can be used by third party for any purpose without the written consent from Ulstein Group.


Ulstein Group works to keep our web page updated at all time, but cannot guarantee that all content is complete, accurate or updated. We reserve the right to update the web page at any time.

Ulstein Group holds all rights to the contents of our web page. Our visions and ideas, texts and images cannot be copied for commercial use.

Pictures of people or products, films and animations, or any text or other contents from the Ulstein web site cannot be used without a written consent from the communication department in Ulstein Group.

Privacy policy

Ulstein uses tracking and analytics on our web site, our social media and video channels. These tracking and analytics tools are in compliance with GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation.

We never ask for more information than necessary in order to give you the best customer-adapted experience when browsing our content, or to give you the information needed or requested.


Ulstein does not access any personally identifiable information from any of the cookies used on our website. A cookie cannot collect information from the user's computer or carry any viruses. We use the information gathered to fulfil your requests for information. We do no sell collected information.

By using the Ulstein Group web you approve that we can set cookies in your browser. Cookies can be blocked and deleted.

How to block cookies

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Third party cookies
The Ulstein website contains links to third party websites, such as links to other companies’ web pages, embedded videos, or social media icons. We are not responsible for third-party website contents or their privacy regulations.


Any questions on how Ulstein Group treats your personal data? Please send a mail in English or Norwegian, to info@ulstein.com.