At the core of delivery precision


Our innovative designs, finishing quality and a delivery date to place trust in, are great benefits to the ship owner. Since our start-up 100 years ago, Ulstein Verft has gained a solid reputation for building sophisticated, high-quality vessels. We keep securing on-time deliveries, over and over again.

Windea La Cour, a Service Operation Vessel for the offshore wind industry, in the dock hall at Ulstein Verft.

Our yard can take on complex first-off projects and tailor-made products, as well as ship series. New systems are challenging, but add valuable experience for the yard to always keep up-to-date and ahead of the development. Ulstein Verft has a highly-skilled workforce, an integrated approach to design and shipbuilding, and a keen understanding of the requirements of the customers. We cooperate with experienced and internationally recognized suppliers in all fields.

A partner in all ship project phases
The precise delivery of a newbuild is crucial. Our personnel work closely with the owner to secure delivery on agreed terms and quality.

As a company in Ulstein Group, Ulstein Verft can contribute in all parts of a shipbuilding project, starting with the first ideas, and progressing to the basic design, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, integration, installation, commissioning, testing and delivery. We also offer post-delivery aftermarket services.

Customer meeting in the Ulstein Verft dock hall.

Handles changes in the construction period
In order to construct state-of-the-art, complex vessels, the shipyard also needs to cope with changes during the construction phase, as the owner’s preferences can be adjusted according to new scopes. Our technical department can handle minor and major changes throughout the project. We have engineering resources in all disciplines: Machine, HVAC, electro, hull, steel outfitting and accommodation. Most of our engineers have their background from practical ship construction, and know how to find workable and constructive solutions, in order to develop a ship with high operability and low maintenance costs. When the vessel is delivered, the ship owner receives updated, as-built-documentation.

QHSE under control
Ulstein Verft is certified in accordance with the quality standard ISO9001:2015.

The process to construct a vessel is very complex, involving the precise coordination of thousands of individual tasks. For each of these, Ulstein Verft has a quality control assessment system. Adding to our own controls, we work closely with classification societies, suppliers and customers to ensure the highest quality standard. HSE is integrated in our management system and in our activities throughout their life cycle, from initial project planning to commissioning.

An Ulstein built vessel on sea trial
An Ulstein built vessel on sea trial.

Long-term customer service
We take pride in our work. ULSTEIN’s efforts to secure quality go beyond the delivery of the vessel. We measure our own performance on the quality of our execution and the long-term performance of the vessel.

On-site support at other yards
With our long-term experience in all areas of shipbuilding, we offer site team support at external yards.

Site follow-up is one of the services from Ulstein.

Site follow-up is one of the services from Ulstein.

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