Comfortable X-BOW® cruising


Expedition cruises. These two words bring forward images of unspoilt places, scarcely populated, and with an incredible nature. The outside surroundings can be tough, and after a whole day out there exploring, withdrawing to the vessel gives a feeling of luxury.

Kayaking in the Antarctica, photo Aurora Expeditions.
Kayaking in the Antarctica, photo Aurora Expeditions.
An expedition cruise holiday brings forward associations such as: Spacious cabins, pools, great food and drinks, ultimate relaxation and great adventures. What can be better after a fabulous day of skiing, than the thought of a dip in the jacuzzi?

Reduced slamming, vibrations and noise

All ships behave differently, and the hull shape has an impact on this. The award-winning X-BOW® hull cuts through the waves. With a soft entry into the sea, the slamming will be reduced. This means that noise and vibrations from head seas are minimised on these type of vessels.

The shipowner’s choice

The passengers’ choice of expedition cruise holiday is guided by the vessel’s route and destinations, and in most cases not by the vessel design. For the ship owner, other aspects must be considered. One such aspect is the fact that a vessel is constantly moving. As long as there are no waves, fine. However, if the expedition goes to areas or at a time of the year where sea and weather conditions can be demanding, the vessel’s reduced response to sea and weather is essential to the well-being of the passengers.

A time schedule to be trusted

With such excellent sea-keeping capabilities, the vessel can swiftly transfer harsh stretches of open sea. The speed while transiting can be kept high even in adverse weather without reducing comfort on board. This means that the transit time is more predictable, and the time schedule will more easily be held.

Splits the waves to reduce spray

The X-BOW lines split the wave energy rather than crushing the waves and create spray. With the X-BOW, the decks will more easily stay dry, which is of importance to the passengers’ safety. It takes very little water to start being a hazard, or simply a nuisance, particularly in cold areas, where the spray can turn into ice.

With an expedition cruise vessel from Ulstein, the guests can enjoy the fun - always.

A glacier expedition - a happy memory from a trip to polar areas.

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