Foldable boat landing

Boat landings are widely used for transfer of people between larger vessels and smaller crew transfer vessels. An external boatlanding is a drag increasing appendage to a vessel. The Ulstein Foldable Boat Landing offers a cost effective solution to lower fuel consumption of offshore operation and maintenance vessels. 

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Our boatlanding folds away to a compact structure that only occupies a minimum of deck space, hence not compromising the vessel's main purpose. Side mounted boatlanding increases safety and the operational window compared to stern mounted boatlanding.

Improved operability and safety

Reliability as well as safe and practical access to parts that require maintenance.
Safe transfer of people away from thrusters.

Key benefits

Mid-ship side mounted

Favourable vessel motion conditions. High operational uptime for transferring people. Wave/ weather shielding during transfer.

Fuel reduction

Significant fuel reduction (5-10%). Estimated ROI (fuel only) in 2-3 years. More than 1 knot speed difference due to drag resistance.


Allows for unrestricted lock passage and quayside mooring / positioning. Decreases risk of unwanted boarding. Annual savings compared to fixed side mounted boat landing.

Standard delivery:

  • Fall arrester
  • Ligthing
  • Cylinder actuation


  • CCTV
  • Luggage hoist
  • Second exit level platform
  • Hull integration services
  • Integrated HPU

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