Containerised crane

Our containerised crane is a complete knuckle boom crane, foldable in a standard 20 ft container with a lifting capacity of 10mT @ 8 metres. This equipment offers a certified temporary lifting solution from any type of offshore unit, to be used on a project-specific basis, offering flexibility in the most cost-effective way.

Key benefits

Offshore specification

The containerised crane has been designed for offshore application, including deep-water lowering, in accordance with DNV rules and regulations

Flexible Application

Practically any vessel (or other platform) can be retrofitted in a short time with a containerised crane. The interface with the vessel (or other platform) can be prepared in advance, allowing swift installation of the equipment.

Optimising efficiency

The equipment is designed to be suitable for regular containerised tranpostr solutions, maximising transport flexibility with a focus on minimising mobilisation costs.

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