Moon pool doors

Ulstein's innovative design of the moon pool doors differ from industry standards by a special foldable link mechanism which reduces the span of the centre door. This reduces the construction cost and increases safety during operation. The foldable link mechanism further allows these top hatches to be used more practically in combination with large bottom doors, as the compact design eliminates clashes in simultaneous opening positions. All moving parts and systems that require maintenance are accesssible from a safe and practical position.

Ulstein's experts in integrated solutions have developed the moon pool hatches to fit the offshore construction vessel Island Venture's main moon pool opening of 11.2 x 12 m and coping with a 450 -tonne hang-off load.

The supplied design has been engineered to the satisfaction of American Bureau of Shipping resulting in ABS design approval.

ULSTEIN SX165 design

Key benefits

Design ingenuity

Our profound knowledge of mechanical solutions allow for cost-effective solutions.

Integrated solutions

By integrating equipment and vessel design, we offer cost-effective solutions and increased operability.

Improved operability

Our focus is on reliability, and safe and practical access to parts that require maintenance.

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