Pallet handling system

The ULSTEIN Pallet Handling System™ mitigates hazardous work for operators and eliminates tip-over risk of the equipment. Reduction in space needed for loading and manoeuvring results in an overall reduction in the ship's length and beam. The environmental footprint of the vessel can be reduced, and fuel consumption could be optimised even further. 

The ULSTEIN Pallet Handling System™ has been particularly developed for Service Operation Vessels working in the offshore wind industry. 

Key benefits

Increased safety

Transverse loading 'order picking' forklift manipulator eliminates tip-over risk. Manipulator rails restrain movements for non-desired directions. 

Volume optimised design

Less space is needed for manoeuvring and (un)loading. This allows the optimisation of the footprint area, and a reduction in the ship dimensions. Each metre of reduction in width will typically yield a decrease of approx 6% fuel consumption. 

Vessel integration services

Optionally, ULSTEIN can offer vessel/equipment integration services, such as engineering and turn-key delivery of manipulator rails. 

Less manoeuvring space:

Less manoeuvring space in narrow areas
Less manoeuvring space in narrow areas

The areas indicated in red are the typical turning circles for narrow aisle forklift.

Overview ULSTEIN Pallet Handling System™

Forklift Ulstein Pallet Handling System

Forklift ULSTEIN Pallet Handling System™

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