Pile Handling

The design drivers for future handling equipment is to significantly increase the efficiency to existing units in the market and reduce cost. Our track record of pile handling solutions comprises lifting tools, up-ending frames and gripper frames which are known for their operational efficiency and reliability.

Pile gripper frame

The foldable design of the Ulstein Pile Gripper Frame allows the installation of monopiles and transition pieces from a jack-up vessel in a single jack-up cycle. By reducing the number of jack-up cycles and the risk involved in these operations, our equipment has contributed to the optimisation of our client's offshore activities.

Our Large Pile gripper frame is suitable to handle XL Monopiles that supports the future needs of the industry. Various diametre and length of monopiles up to 2,500t can be handled from a jack-up or a heavy lifting vessel. For heavylift vessels, Ulstein is developing motion-compensated technology which can be used in a sea state up to 2,5m Hs.

  • Fail-safe operation
  • Ease of operation and fully integrated solution
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX due to mechanical design

Pile upending frame

The design of the Ulstein Pile Upending Frame ensures the balanced support of a (mono)-pile throughout the entire upending operation. By reducing the risk involved in pile upending, our equipment has contributed to the safety and efficiency of the offshore operations of our client.

XL Monopile Upending Equipment

As the offshore industry moves into more challenging environments reliability becomes even more important. We design upending solutions for all types of monopiles with diametre up to 11m, length up to 120m and 2,500t.

Key elements: 

  • Reliable operation
  • Ease of operation and fully integrated solution
  • Wide use based on proven technology

Pile lifting tool

The design of our lifting tools offer the operators full remote control over their lifts. The range of our lifting tools covers internal as well as external lifting tools, clamped lifting tools, (MP and TP) flange lifting tools, jacket lifting tools. Also see Flange lifting tool.

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