Skidding system

We offer various skidding solutions to master the motions in deck transport operations of large objects. Unlike traditional skid systems, where skid beams are provided with slide pads or a machined surface, all sliding surfaces and moving parts are incorporated in the modular traction unit of the Ulstein skidding systems. The skid beams are easier to integrate with the vessel and provide cost benefits to the client.

Key benefits

Efficient and compact

Sliding surfaces integrated within skid shoes - not applied on skid beam. Modular Traction Unit easily accessible for maintenance or repair. Integrated Sea Fastening System

Fail safe

Positively engaged at all times. Dry skidding - no lubrications necessary. Accommodated with Uplift security and sea fastening hooks.


Skid shoes easily to be removed from and/or re-configured on skid beams. Skid shoes suitable to allow containerised storage and transport. Provided with a universal to side connection system.

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