The companies of Ulstein and TTS joined forces in providing 3D motion compensated cranes to the offshore industry, the TTS COLIBRI™ series. The COLIBRI™ technology comprises a compact, efficient 3D motion-compensated handling system for the purpose of increasing vessel operability, enabling smaller, more cost-effective vessels to be used in harsher weather conditions. 

Three aspects make the TTS ColibriTM unique compared to other solutions in the market:

  • The Ulstein-developed, award-winning, ColibriTM motion compensation system is a stand-alone add-on device to a standard offshore crane. It adds functionality, while the crane maintains its functionality as a full-fledged offshore crane including deepwater subsea capabilities.
  • The system is mounted on the tip of a standard crane as a new-build option, or retrofit.
  • Its ground-breaking anti-sway technology, mitigating wind induced motions acting directly on the load.

TTS ColibriTM cranes come in a range of 3 different sizes: 1 mT, 3 mT and 7 mT.

3D motion-compensation technology is not new to the industry and has enabled greater operability for personnel transfer between vessels and fixed offshore platforms through the use of motion-compensated gangways. Operations typically require both personnel and items to be transferred between vessel and platform. Hence, the natural step in enhanced vessel operability has been motion-compensated lifting to match the increased operability offered by compensated gangways.

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