The lifting tool enhances operational flexibility in the most cost effective way. It enables lifting and installation of flanged objects, including transition pieces, tower sections or monopiles.  

Key benefits

Increased Safety and Reliability

The ULSTEIN FLANGE LIFTING TOOL is a fully mechanical system, with simple signalling providing confirmation of engagement. The release of the tool can be performed remotely or locally (at the TP flange) by means of mechanical release eliminating the downtime risk related to (hydraulic) system failure or human error.

Diameter flexibility

The detachable centre piece allows the equipment to be used in lifting various sized flanged objects, ranging between 3,5 and 8,0 meters in diameter.

Cost effective and environmentally sound

The absence of a hydraulic system significantly reduces the total cost of the equipment, with a lower purchasing cost and maintenance expenditure. The same absence eliminates the risk of hydraulic oil spills on site


One video (follow link) is table demo of the downsized model.
Next video (below) presents the opening and closing mechanism of the actual built tool.

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