The Windlifter™ is a system which is designed to transport and install offshore wind turbines in a single lift. The system comprises a storage and handling system for multiple turbines for efficient transport, which is linked to a mechanical system to skid the turbines safely and fully controlled from the vessel onto the foundation. The design is made in a modular way to allow flexible utilisation of available vessels.

The solution is one of three winners of Statoil's Hywind Installation Challenge, 2015.

Hywind, which is Statoil’s floating wind turbine concept, has been designed to generate electricity offshore with minimal environmental impact. Hywind supports a wind turbine generator on a floating steel cylinder extending 80—100 metres beneath the surface of the sea.

To make Hywind available in more markets and at even lower cost, Statoil wanted to improve assembly and installation, and sought proposals and novel technologies improving the way they install Hywind.

Ulstein’s proposal is based on the Ulstein Windlifter system. This simple mechanical system for single lift installation of wind turbines for bottom fixed foundations has been adapted to work with the floating Hywind foundation.


Windlifter animation