Yno 204 - Petur Jonsson

Yard no 204 built 1987 by Ulstein Hatlø AS, Norway for Petur Stefansson, Iceland.


The Vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk AS and Ulstein Trading Ltd. AS in co-operation, and built at Ulstein Hatlø Yard, division Ulstein, to Det norske Veritas Class +1A1 - Fishing Vessel - Stern Trawler - S - Ice C, and to the satisfaction of the rules and regulations of the Siglingamalastofrun Rikisins (Icelandic Maritime Directorate).

The vessel is a combined purse seiner/stern trawler. It is intended for catching prawns by trawling and herring/ capelan by purse seining under severe conditions in Icelandic waters.

Length over all: 57,45 m
Length between p.p: 49,00 m
Moulded breath: 12,50 m
Moulded breath: 12,50 m
Moulded depth to main deck: 5,25 m
Moulded depth to shelter deck: 7,75 m
Max. draft: 6,50 m
Speed: 14 knop
Other ship names: "Adenia II", "Jona Eðvalds", "Jona Eðvalds II", "Krossøy", "Magnarson", "Meya"
Main engines: Bergen Diesel , 2205 kW
Bollardpull: 43 tonn

1994: Renamed "Adenia II"
2003: Renamed "Jona Eðvalds"
2008: Renamed "Jona Eðvalds II"
2009: Renamed "Krossøy"
2012: Sold to Swemar Göteborg, Sweden and renamed "Meya". Registered in Agadir, Marokko. The boat are now fishing outside West-Sahara.
2017: Still active - IMO 8616142