Added value

Innovative ship designs and sustainable solutions. ULSTEIN contribute in creating a maritime industry that is highly competitive and green.

Insight in the connection between operational challenges and the application and implementation of new technology is essential in order to develop ships for the future. We work closely with oil companies, operators, shipowners and equipment suppliers, to solve any challenge our customer might have to ensure vessels and solutions that are highly effective for any specific operation.

We combine our expertise with innovative thinking in order to provide new standards that will ensure long-term competitiveness. We design with a focus on safety, the environment, cost-efficiency, reliability and the total life-cycle cost of the product.

Innovative subsea technology brings future oil and gas exploration further from shore and into deeper and colder waters. Our goal is to deliver products and solutions that support this development. Our focus is on increasing the safety and the operational window as well as reducing the environmental footprint. We take the challenges of our customers and clients seriously, and we have the capacity needed to provide solutions that allows you to go further, deeper and colder into the maritime future.