ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™ is a concept for a modern ship bridge where safety in complex operations has been given major focus. Firstly introduced in 2012 as a ground-breaking concept that promises major improvements for the operation of vessels, several subsystems have so far been successfully introduced to the market.

Increased safety and simplicity have been the guiding principles and motivation behind the development of ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™, which refines the interaction between users and complex bridge-based systems. ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™ offers a catalogue of user-focused innovations, these include:

Gesture-controlled infographics displayed on bridge windows; a system that automatically adapts to the individual user’s preferred setup; and a new breed of user-defined ergonomic work stations.

Due to the scope and ambitious goals of the project, Ulstein acknowledged the need to ‘work with the best to achieve the best’, opting for a collaborative approach. ULSTEIN engineers sought the expertise of industrial, graphic and interaction designers from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

Together they created a human-centred operational environment for the future ship bridge. The concept includes work space designs and new ways to interact with bridge systems.

Awarded the best innovation idea in Norway

The concept of ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™ has been awarded the best innovation idea in Norway.

In recent years, several sub systems have been developed based on the original ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION concept. These include the ULSTEIN BLUE BOX™ and ULSTEIN IAS™, both based upon a long-term development project, the ULSTEIN X-CONNECT® architecture.

“The ergonomic benefits of ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™ will help reduce fatigue during complex operations and increase the crew’s ability to concentrate." Kjetil Nordby, Associate Professor Oslo School of Arcitecture and Design (AHO)

Key benefits

The window is the screen

An eye-catching element of the pioneering system is the use of optical projections. Operators can access controls and information by using intuitive touch-commands and gestures.

Personalised workspace

The new bridge adapts both the workspace and software setup to the individual user’s specific requirements.

Ergonomic & flexible

Innovative bridge chair design, with multiple sitting positions. The ergonomic benefits of ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™ will help reduce fatigue during complex operations.

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