Hybrid Propulsion

Our Hybrid Propulsion arrangement combines the best properties of both diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical propulsion into one system.

The Green Operations initiative has taken the potential of the rather complex hybrid propulsion concept to completely new levels of performance. The Olympic Zeus and sister vessel Olympic Hera of the A122 design from Ulstein use a great deal less fuel than any anchor handling tug supply (AHTS)/offshore construction vessels to come before them.

The "Ulstein hybrid propulsion concept" combines higher efficiency and better performance at high loads and excellent fuel consuption at low loads. Hybrid propulsion is therefore the perfect match for the operational profile of AHTS vessels like the Olympic Zeus and the Olympic Hera. Combining the medium-sized diesel-mechanical and diesel-electric systems into one large hybrid propulsion system proves to both take up less space and be less expensive than a large diesel-electric system.

"After a number of jobs, we've proven to the market that we in average can run the ship on 70% of the fuel of what a conventional diesel anchor handler can, and that we can save up to 70% in some modes compared to a conventional ship", says Olympic Shipping senior vice president Runar Stave.

The feedback from clients so far has been nothing short of amazing - in that, clients are literally amazed that the vessels can do what they do:

"They didn't think it was possible to work with such low power consumption" Captain of the Olympic Zeus

Health, Safety, Environment

The people in Ulstein are our most important resource, and our focus on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) comes as a natural part of our daily work.

Health, Safety, Environment