Research and development (R&D) is the cornerstone of innovation. A systematic and long-term strategic commitment to R&D is crucial for success. It's part of our endeavour to be world leaders in demanding marine operations.

Research and development is paramount for the continued development of Ulstein Group’s product and service portfolios. Several of Ulstein Group’s companies participate in, and initiate, research projects, many of which are partly financed by government authorities and Innovation Norway. Innovation involves the realisation and capitalisation of inventions. Ulstein Group will develop its activities towards areas that provide added value for the customer. Ulstein Group defines R&D as the process up to, and including, the development of a prototype.

"Knowledge is what we live by – now and in the future" Deputy CEO Ulstein Group, Tore Ulstein

Why should we put efforts into R&D?

Research and innovation projects are initiated and carried out to develop new knowledge, connected to critical expertise and thereby preserving ULSTEIN's capability to contribute to the competitiveness of our customers.

"In bad weather, we don´t have to reduce speed. The crew gets more rest, as we avoid slamming and abrupt stops." Captain, 'Bourbon Orca', the first X-BOW vessel (film above)

Recent R&D projects, completed or on-going:

  • Electrical DC distribution System Optimisation for Martine Applications (EDSOMA)
  • Decision support for sustainable ship production in global fluctuating markets (SUSPRO)
  • Integrated methodology for design and project management (INPRO)
  • Handling uncertainty in the design of ocean engineering systems (SIMOSYS)
  • Efficient Modular Integration of System sduring Ship Design (EMIS)
  • Industrial vessel fabrication and multicultural work force challenges (SMARTprod)
  • Design-driven field studies for Safer Damenading Marine Operations (ONSITE)
  • SFI Marine Operations (MOVE)
  • New Modes of collaboration in the maritime indsutry (MARCO)
  • Innovation in Global Maritime Production 2020 (IGLO-MP 2020)

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