Crew and Passenger welfare

ULSTEIN COM™ secures connectiveness on ships. Stable Wifi and Internet connection give several advantages for communication and infotainment on board, as well as communication to shore. ULSTEIN COM™ can also be installed with an app - offering use of own devices for streaming services and wifi communication.


With ULSTEIN COM™ installed, Wifi coverage on board lets the crew and passengers stay connected at all times getting the notion of moving seamlessly around the ship. Highest available satellite or 4G Internet connection give the sailing crew and passengers the feeling of being connected to the onshore world. 


By downloading our notifier, crew and passengers will be able to communicate and share information on board by using the Wifi network installed. The crew and passengers can then use their own devices when making phone calls even without GSM coverage, and the ship administration can send information directly to devices of segmented groups. 


ULSTEIN COM's entertainment and streaming services let crew and passengers watch live TV Channels as well as getting access to films available from the ship's streaming service. The streaming service can be set up with the size and availability of the customer's choice, and can easily be updated by the crew. ULSTEIN also offers subscriptions on automatic content updates.

Since CCTV is an integrated service in the ULSTEIN COM product, cameras can be available in ULSTEIN COM's streaming services either as operational support or simply for entertainment benefits. 

ULSTEIN COM lets crew and passengers access TV channels and streaming from their own devices.