100th anniversary gift from the Ulstein employees


A wall clock that was recently installed in the Expo canteen, was given to Ulstein as a 100th anniversary gift from all workers in the Norway-based companies in Ulstein. "We wanted to give something both useful and visible, with a historical perspective," comment the employee representatives.

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"There is a symbol effect in time that never stops, and it helps to remind us of our long history - after all, it is firstly after nine o’clock that the X-BOW appears,“ says the employee representatives.

The boats are not randomly selected, they all have their own history, portrayed on a wall poster. All the boats are correctly in scale to each other, so it's easy to see the evolution in size.

“The idea is brilliant,” comments Gunvor and Tore Ulstein, and continue: “Connecting our 100-year history to the time that passes by, that’s very original. And with that wall location, anyone entering our head quarter will get a very good impression.”