Developing the next generation heavy lift jack up


Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V. (part of Ulstein Group) and SeaOwls B.V. are partnering up to jointly develop the next generation self-propelled heavy lift jack-up vessel.

SeaOwls’ years of experience in jack-up technology and engineering and Ulstein’s vast track record in heavy lift vessel design, allow to develop a revolutionary new jack-up concept based on proven technologies. The new design aims to serve the (future) needs of offshore wind industry, but will also be suitable for operations in the offshore oil and gas market.

Rather than developing a scaled-up version of a conventional heavy lift jack-up vessel, a complete new design is being developed by the two companies. The new concept, dubbed SOUL (SeaOwls ULstein), will be scalable and suitable for various crane sizes, variable loads, deck lay-outs, etc.

“The design driver is to significantly increase the efficiency compared to existing units in the market, both in logistical lay-out as in pay load capacity”, mentions Erik Snijders, founder and managing director at SeaOwls. “The jacking technology is considered the most critical element for a jack-up and for SOUL we will make use of existing and proven jacking systems from reputable vendors.”

“Together we have come up with a new layout including number of alternative solutions that will significantly change and improve the installation of offshore wind turbines. With this partnership, we want to be a viable alternative for the offshore wind market”, says Edwin van Leeuwen, managing director at Ulstein Design & Solutions.

Update February 2019

SeaOwls and Ulstein move forward separately in development of heavy lift jack-up vessel

Rotterdam based companies SeaOwls and Ulstein Design & Solutions, have decided to each go their own separate ways in the offshore wind industry. The patent rights of the SOUL concept were developed under the cooperation of both companies and will continue to be held by both SeaOwls and Ulstein. Each company will pursue its own business opportunities based on the shared patent.

The innovative jack-up vessel design concept is the safest and most efficient solution to transport and install the world’s largest and powerful offshore wind turbines in the coming decades. SeaOwls and Ulstein are committed to assist their clients to build the most suitable jack-up vessel to enable the industry to take the next step to a sustainable world.

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