Changing times stimulate creativity


We believe that long-term competitiveness is created in times of turbulence. Ulstein has moved into the offshore renewables, cruise and passenger (RoPax) industry, and sees opportunities in digitisation. Therefore, we are setting up new departments in Trondheim and Ulsteinvik, and are looking for eleven new colleagues.

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Since the beginning one hundred years ago, ULSTEIN has vigorously sought new opportunities.

“We believe embracing change will bring us forward. Recent contracts in the cruise, yacht, RoPax and offshore renewables segments confirm that we are heading in the right direction,” say CEO Gunvor Ulstein and Head of the Board Tore Ulstein.

Design department in Trondheim
Ulstein is currently setting up a department in Trondheim, and is hiring site manager and senior engineers in the areas of structure, hydrodynamics, 3D CAD, naval architecture, electrical systems, machinery/HVAC, hydrostatics and stability, and accommodation. The office will particularly be concentrating on the cruise and RoPax areas. Some of the positions are located either in Trondheim, or at our head office in Ulsteinvik.

Technological development
The digital technology can be leveraged to help us make better solutions providing increased safety, utility, sustainability and profitability for our customers. Furthermore, the development in system technology enables us to increase efficiency within design, engineering and production, and by seamlessly integrating tools and platforms where information is shared and reused. The centre will be a part of the Ulsteinvik-based company Ulstein International, a company engaged in consulting, project establishments and business development. To this centre, we are also hiring people.

“Ulstein Group is a family-run business, headed by the third generation. This year, we celebrate our 100 years' anniversary. The company has always held a strategy of proactivity towards developing new and innovative solutions and will continue to do so. For a century, ULSTEIN has been associated with innovation and quality. Together with our partners we will continue to create long-term competitiveness and sustainable marine operations.”