Ulstein and TTS shortlisted for OSJ Innovation Award


​The TTS Colibri 3-D motion compensated crane has been shortlisted for the Innovation of the Year Award. The award is for an innovative product, system or service, which is considered to have made a significant impact on the design, build and/or operational aspects of offshore support vessels.

You can give your vote to the TTS Colibri™ by following this quick link to the voting page: https://goo.gl/RSgGje

The TTS Colibri™ is a joint development of Ulstein Equipment and TTS.

Two aspects make the TTS Colibri™ unique compared to other solutions in the market. ULSTEIN's inhouse developed Colibri™ system is a stand-alone add-on device to a standard offshore crane. It adds functionality, while the crane maintains its functionality as a full-fledged offshore crane including deepwater subsea capabilities. But what makes this system truly unique is its ground-breaking anti-sway technology, which also allows to mitigate wind induced motions which act directly on the load.

The TTS Colibri™ crane will come in a range of three different sizes: 1 mT, 3 mT and 7 mT. The first contract is for a 1 mT version, where the crane itself still has its capability to lift 3 mT with a 10 mT retrofit option.

The Colibri™ technology is suitable for retrofitting existing cranes, making it a viable solution for upgrading cranes already in service. Hence, it offers ship-owners the possibility to create more flexibility for their existing fleet.

The Innovation of the Year Award is presented by the Offshore Support Journal.