Integrated IP based communication system for marine applications.

The system has communication, information and entertainment in one unit, and distributes signals from computers, telephone, television, radio, monitoring cameras throughout the ship.

ULSTEIN COM® connects the crew and the clients. The on board communication system assembles communication, information and entertainment in one unit. In addition to distributing signals from computers, telephones, televisions, radios, monitoring and PA, the system can easily be seen at as the key for creating that social sphere on board a vessel. Each TV user has the ULSTEIN COM® portal, an effective and flexible platform for both entertainment and information.

LAN (Local area network) is combining all the services required by PA, Telephone System, Entertainment system and CCTV System.

Key benefits

Digital PA and telephone

The telephone system combines IP, digital and analog internal telephones and external lines, including equipment like VSAT, GSM transceivers and Inmarsat.


ULSTEIN COM® includes services for Internet, TV&Video-on-demand and CCTV. A separate portal gives the user access to one-to-all messaging, safety video and other relevant vessel information.


The IP based CCTV includes cameras, servers and operator workstations interconnected via ULSTEIN COM® LAN network.

The system supports paging of alarms over DECT wireless system. The PA system is prepared for Talk-in from Telephone System. Digital television is distributed to end user locations using an IPTV gateway connected to stabilized TVRO antenna. This includes an Entertainment System for digital distribution of radio and TV signals throughout the vessel.

ULSTEIN COM® is a ‘one-stop’ solution with minimal integration, installation and commissioning risks.It has been installed at nearly 200 vessels. Life-cycle service.


Keep your ULSTEIN COM™ on track with available retrofits & upgrades.


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