Your preferred system integrator

We offer complete system solutions for electronics, automation and power control, securing smart integration of individual systems in vessels built world-wide.

Solid, thorough integration of electrical & control systems is essential to achieve profitable offshore operations. Our highly-specialised teams have unique experience in integrating individual systems into larger systems; securing full compatibility and cost-effective solutions.

High level of integration

We integrate individual products into larger systems, resulting in less cabling and full compatibility between different systems. Such system flexibility reduces maintenance costs for the customer.

Sophisticated technology

Our marine automation, alarm and monitoring systems are all built on X-CONNECT™ - with flexibility and scalability in focus. We're offering products and systems that utilize digital possibilities, so that you can offer ship intelligence that makes your business smarter, safer and greener.

Communication portal

Our Marine Communication platform - ULSTEIN COM® - is an integrated IP based system for marine applications. It assembles communication, information and entertainment in one unit and distributes signals from computers, phones, tv, radio and monitoring cameras throughout the ship.

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