Toisa Patroklos

A multipurpose offshore construction vessel (MOCV) of the HX102 design with a main crane capacity of 900 tonnes. The DP3 vessel is designed for worldwide operations in the oil and gas sector, ultra deepwater installation and construction, flexible lay, pipelay, cable lay and topside construction support.



Built by

Hyundai Heavy Industries



Owned by

Toisa Ltd.

Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions BV

Ordered by

Toisa Ltd

Operated by

Toisa Ltd

Principal dimensions

150.5 m
32 m
Dead weight:
10,000 tonnes
250 POB
Deck area:
2,900 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


AHC offshore crane:
900 t
Crane depth operation:
- 3.500 m
AHC knuckle boom crane:
200 t
Crane depth operation:
- 2.000 m
Main moon pool:
8 x 8 m
Flex lay tower over main moon pool:
550 t
Carousel spaces below deck:
2 x 2.500 t

Featured solutions

IMO Number: 9687057

Ship history

Toisa was the first to order a customised Deepwater Enabler (HX102 design) newbuild, at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in Korea. 

The vessel design has been developed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness featuring heavy lift capabilities with active heave compensation, two moon pools, and up to 50t/m2 deck strength in key areas. The design includes a number of key features that give maximum capability and flexibility. These features include an AHC offshore crane rated at 900 tonnes SWL (Safe Working Load) with a depth capability of 3,500 metres, and a 200-tonne SWL knuckleboom crane with a 2,000 metres depth capability.

Furthermore, the vessel can accommodate a 550-tonne flex lay tower over the main 8.4 by 8.4-metre moon pool, and two 2,500-tonne-capacity carousels below deck. There is an enclosed ROV hangar for deployment of two large work class deepwater ROVs to port and starboard sides or through a central moon pool. This moon pool is also arranged to allow the deployment of a deck mounted saturation diving bell. The vessel is delivered with all necessary interfaces to service both ROVs and the saturation dive system.

Full compliance with the SPS Code is a fundamental principle of the design, which includes arrangements to meet Comfort Class COMF-V(3), the highest working environment standard. 

The deck area is designed to give optimised clear space for the installation of project equipment such as pipelay spreads, and for the carriage and deployment of heavy offshore equipment. 

IMO number: 9687057

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