Trim and draught optimisation

We offer Trim/Draught Optimisation run in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), that give the customer full scale calculations faster and cheaper than with regular model tests.

Deliverables to the customer

  • Optimal trim for each speed, displacement
  • Amount of fuel saving per day for each speed, displacement (based on the customer’s operational profile)
  • Cost per day and per ton for carrying additional cargo

Why performing a trim/draught optimization?

  • Help to fulfill the SEEMP requirements
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced operating cost


  • Skilled and competent team of specialists
  • Deep understanding of the hydrodynamic, operational and safety aspects
  • Proven track record: >160 validation points performed over the last 3 years (model and full scale)
  • Design specific optimizations
  • Direct access to the right design information

Why CFD?

  • Faster and cheaper than model test
  • Calculations performed in full scale
  • Extremely accurate and consistent results
  • Gives detailed information to complex hydrodynamic problems
  • Includes all important hydrodynamic aspects
  • High level of automation
Marine CFD simulation on the appended ULSTEIN PX121 vessel
CFD simulations
CFD simulations

CFD simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics, abbreviated as CFD, is in its general meaning a numerical analysis simulation tool for engineers and researchers to help solve problems that involve fluid flows.

CFD simulations