Trim and draught optimisation

We offer Trim/Draught Optimisation run in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), that give the customer full scale calculations faster and cheaper than with regular model tests.

Deliverables to the customer

  • Optimal trim for each speed, displacement
  • Amount of fuel saving per day for each speed, displacement (based on the customer’s operational profile)
  • Cost per day and per ton for carrying additional cargo

Why performing a trim/draught optimization?

  • Help to fulfill the SEEMP requirements
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced operating cost


  • Skilled and competent team of specialists
  • Deep understanding of the hydrodynamic, operational and safety aspects
  • Proven track record: >160 validation points performed over the last 3 years (model and full scale)
  • Design specific optimizations
  • Direct access to the right design information

Why CFD?

  • Faster and cheaper than model test
  • Calculations performed in full scale
  • Extremely accurate and consistent results
  • Gives detailed information to complex hydrodynamic problems
  • Includes all important hydrodynamic aspects
  • High level of automation
Marine CFD simulation on the appended ULSTEIN PX121 vessel
CFD simulations
CFD simulations

CFD simulations

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) methods aim at reproducing numerically the 3D flow around the vessel, resulting in key information about the model or full scale forces acting on the vessel, its motions, power consumption and hydrodynamic performance in general.

CFD simulations