Diving support

Our designs within the Diving support range are equipped to support a wide range of offshore field development duties.

place a great emphasis on safety, and provide versatile diving support designs for deployment of modern equipment. Our diving support designs can be arranged to optimize work at existing subsea installations as well as future subsea factories. Diving support vessels can be delivered with fully integrated diving systems or mobile systems.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Dead weight Draught (max) Speed (max) Accommodation Deck area
SX164 100 m 20 m - 6.5 m 13 kn 90 POB 600 sqm
SX174 101 m 22 m 4,000 tonnes 7 m 14 kn 120 POB 850 sqm
SX121 130 m 25 m 7,000 tonnes 7 m 14 kn 130 POB 1,200 sqm
SX162 142 m 27 m 12,000 tonnes 7.6 m 15 kn 200 POB 1,450 sqm