Foundation Installation Vessels

Our offshore wind foundation installation vessel designs are optimized to meet future market demands. Large carrying and lifting capacities in combination with high DP capability and reduced environmental footprint are the obvious features for these vessels.

Based on our vast and proven track record in developing heavy lift installation vessels and using the ULSTEIN Blended Design, we tailor our designs towards client specific requirements, supporting customers in building their business case and realizing the best vessel to fit that.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Draught (max) Speed (max) Accommodation Deck area Crane capacity
HX122 230.0 m 61.6 m 7.5 - 11.0 m - 180 POB 10,000 sqm 8,000 mt
H119 216.3 m 56 m 8 m 13 kn 100 POB - 5,000 mt
HX118 210.0 m 56.0 m 7.5-10 m 13 kn 150 POB 8,500 sqm 5,000 mT
HX104 174 m 36 m 7 m 13 kn 500 POB 3,600 sqm 2,000 mt

Reference vessels