Heavy lift and pipe lay

Our Heavy Lift and Pipelay design portfolio comprises state-of-the-art construction vessels with heavy lift and pipelay capabilities, which can be fully customised to client requirements.

Our design range includes amongst others single joint and double joint S-lay vessels and quad joint J-lay vessels, while lifting capacities can go up to over 5,000 metres.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Pipelay system Draught (max) Speed (max) Accommodation Crane capacity
L111 135.8 m 36.4 m S-lay 3.0 m - kn 240 POB 600 mt
LX108 188.5 m 36.4 m Reel lay 8.0 m 15 kn 180 POB 1,200 mt
DLV5000 196 m 49 m S-Lay/J-Lay 10.8 m 14 kn 340-398 POB 5,000 mt
DLV3500 156 m 44.8 m S-LAY 7.4 m 12.5 kn 300 POB 3,500 mt