Covering the entire process

We possess unique expertise in engineering, installation, commissioning and upgrading.


The entire process of building a ship, from first drawings to active service, gives us valuable insight. Throughout the process, we can identify possibilities for innovation. We are positioned to build ships for the future, where every step in the building process is improved and refined to cut costs and boost performance.


With a keen eye on the environment, we deliver a wide range of fuel-efficient special-purpose ships, including offshore support, offshore construction, seismic, cable-lay, anchor handling tug supply and research vessels. Typical projects include the building of state-of-the-art ships with a large amount of sophisticated equipment and solutions requiring a high degree of project management and technical know-how.

The time-lapse below shows the construction of three platform supply vessels of the PX121 design, all are X-BOW vessels. First ordered by Blue Ship Invest, they are currently owned by NAO (Nordic American Offshore). We watch the construction progress; starting with arrival and docking of the hull, assembling of sections, welding, painting, launching and sea trial.

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