SunStone's Chinese built cruise vessels

SunStone Ships has ordered a series of expedition cruise vessels designed by Ulstein for construction at the CMHI yard, China. These vessels are the first ever China-built cruise vessels, and the first to introduce the X-BOW® feature in their design, to increase comfort for the passengers. Follow the progress here.

First vessel delivered

On 6 September 2019, the ‘Greg Mortimer’ was named and delivered in a ceremony on the CMHI Haimen base.

Ready to explore

Expects ten vessels firmed up within end 2019

Niels-Erik Lund, CEO and president of SunStone expects that all options in the INFINITY series will be declared in 2019.

INFINITY vessels

Design & equipment packages

Being a global supplier of products and services requires local presence. We provide ship design & equipment packages with extended site support world-wide.

Design & equipment packages

X-BOW - how it started

​When times are tough, it is still possible to nurture and grow good ideas. That’s the story behind the ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull line design, which upon its introduction in 2005 literally turned the image of the ship’s bow upside down.

X-BOW - from the beginning

First orders:

X-BOW references

More than 100 X-BOW designs have been ordered since its introduction in 2005.

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