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Activity and reporting obligation (ARP)

All public and private sector employers must work with equality and non-discrimination, also known as the employer’s activity and reporting obligation (aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikt – ARP). 

The purpose of the “Act on Gender Equality and Prohibition of Discrimination” (Discrimination Act) is to promote gender equality, ensure equal opportunities and rights, and prevent discrimination. The Discrimination Act specifically aims to improve the position of women and minorities. It requires all employers to actively, purposefully, and systematically promote equality, preventing discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, childbirth or adoption leave, caregiving responsibilities, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or combinations thereof. The Act also seeks to prevent harassment, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence.

All employers in Norway must actively, purposefully, and systematically work towards creating more equality and preventing discrimination in the workplace. Even if there is no known occurrence of discrimination in the workplace, Ulstein includes this as part of its health, safety, and environment (HSE) efforts. We work diligently to fulfil legal requirements within our organization. Our efforts include areas such as recruitment, salary and working conditions, career and development opportunities, accommodation, work-life balance, and protection against harassment.

We actively strive to increase the proportion of women in our organization, particularly in middle management, technical fields, and production. We believe that increased diversity will enhance our competitiveness. We also actively support career development and lifelong learning. The annual employee dialogue includes questions related to development initiatives and competence enhancement. We work to bridge gender disparities and increase the number of women in the maritime industry.

Ulstein's assessment of duty to promote equality is divided into "State of Gender Equality" and "Our Work for Equality and Against Discrimination."

The report on Duty to Promote Equality and Reporting Obligations (ARP) is available for download below.