Ulstein received Nor-Shipping's Innovation award 2015.


Addressing the marine industry's need for innovation, Ulstein combines experience with bold thinking to envision a greener tomorrow.

Pioneering a greener tomorrow with structured creativity

Our business culture combines structure, creativity, experience, innovation, bold thinking and precise execution. We are driven by a vision of creating tomorrow's solutions for sustainable marine operations.

Ulstein is known for developing groundbreaking vessels, ship designs and solutions. By innovating and shaping the solutions of tomorrow, we create value for customers, shareholders, employees and society at large. 

Sustainable growth is at the core of what we do. Any product will have an impact when being produced, used, and taken out of use. We consider their life cycle environmental impact when designing a ship or developing a product.

Chart your course with us. Together, let's shape the future of sustainable marine operations.

Polar Onyx dockhall Marius Beck Dahle


The ULSTEIN X-BOW, the inverted bow concept, redefined marine engineering. The bow concept was launched in 2005, together with the first shipbuilding contract, and gained immediate interest from shipowners. The X-BOW hull line design has been tried in most weather conditions.

Acta Auriga leaving the construction yard, Ulstein Verft, for her new work base at Eemshaven.


The X-STERN introduces the documented X-BOW® effect to the aft ship, harnessing the benefits of improved safety for crew and equipment, increased flexibility in operations and reduced fuel consumption.

TWIN X-STERN, an ULSTEIN SX222 below view


The TWIN X-STERN is the latest addition to the innovative designs of X-BOW and X-STERN that enhance fuel efficiency and operability. 

The subsea rock installation vessel 'Bravenes', designed by Ulstein for Van Oord.

First fully integrated design

Working in close cooperation with Van Oord, this is the first fully integrated design where Ulstein has been responsible for the development and integration of both the mission equipment and vessel design.

The 'Bravenes' is an innovative vessel in its class, not only because of its unique ability to install rock in three different modes, but also due to the open top rock holds integrated into the vessel hull. This resulted in the vessel being more compact than similar installation vessels with comparable cargo capacities.

An ULSTEIN U STERN foundation installation vessel media web

Smart monopile installation on DP

The offshore wind industry faces significant installation challenges with the increasing size of monopile foundations. With the patent-pending ULSTEIN U-STERN, we are introducing a safer, smarter and more competitive ship design solution for transporting, upending and installing large monopiles on DP.

Bluewild fishing vessel catch reception

The ECOFIVE catch solution explained

Trawling has always presented some challenges. The award-winning ECOFIVE solution from Bluewild is an ambitious venture that maintains high catch quality and is now being realised in a factory trawler developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions. An explanatory animation in this article describes the catch solution.

Featured articles

Concept designs ULSTEIN THOR and ULSTEIN SIF joint operations

Is Thor’s superpower shipping’s silver bullet?

Ulstein’s announcement of a Thorium-powered ship created massive interest in the market. As shipbuilders and designers, we are looking to take this concept from the drawing board to the deep blue sea. Is this the solution that industry, and society, have been searching for to enable a truly sustainable maritime future?

IDC 2022 1
Press Release

2022: Industrial Design Company of the Year

On 20 October 2022, Ulstein was appointed 'The Industrial Design Company of the Year Award.' The jury stated Ulstein has ‘design as a part of its DNA. The world is facing enormous challenges, and the company is working to solve these challenges by thinking differently, and working across disciplines and industries.'

Greg Mortimer out cruising, photo by Peter Szyszka.

Enabling cruise ships to run emission-free for 12 hours

In order to comply with regulations, as well as to minimise environmental impact, cruise operators will need new technical solutions. The ULSTEIN ZED power system allows cruise operators to visit vulnerable and protected areas without greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution.
SX190 hydrogen vessel at wind farm

Roadmap to a hydrogen future

Following the introduction of our first hydrogen fuelled, zero emission design in 2019, we now reveal our vision towards a marine hydrogen future. Where the ULSTEIN SX190 showcased that zero emission ships can be realised with today’s off-the-shelf technology, we now map the way to a hydrogen fuelled marine industry.

ULSTEIN hydrogen hybrid turbine installation vessel, supported by the hydrogen powered ULSTEIN SX190 CSV.

Zero-emission turbine installation is today’s reality

Ulstein's second hydrogen hybrid design for the offshore wind industry, the ULSTEIN J102 zero emission wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV), can operate 75% of the time in zero emission mode. Using readily available technology, the additional cost is limited to less than 5% of the total CAPEX.

Offshore wind