Passenger travelling


Innovative vessel designs redefining efficiency, comfort and sustainable seafaring. 

Navigating new horizons

In the expansive maritime industry, navigating the challenging seas of efficiency, eco-compliance, and comfort can often seem daunting. What if you could chart a new course, one that combines efficiency, environmental consciousness, and comfort in an unprecedented voyage?

Our unique, aero- and hydrodynamic hull designs, paired with optimized propulsion systems, do more than just navigate the seas; they cut through the waves of fuel costs, significantly reducing your overheads while keeping performance at the peak.

But we don't stop at fuel efficiency. At Ulstein, we believe in creating vessels that respect the seas they traverse. Our eco-conscious compliance, rooted in advanced emission reduction systems and waste management solutions, ensures that you meet and surpass environmental regulations, paving the way for a greener future in the maritime industry.

And we know that the essence of an extraordinary voyage lies in the journey itself. Our focus on reducing onboard noise and vibration allows smoother sailing, making the trip comfortable and enjoyable for crew and passengers.

Embarking on excellence

Our revolutionary designs combine innovative technology, environment-friendly solutions and superior comfort. By setting new industry standards for efficiency and performance you can get a competitive edge and minimising risk. 

Fuel efficiency
Ulstein's aerodynamic hull designs and optimized propulsion systems significantly reduce fuel consumption.
Eco-conscious compliance
Together with our customers, we make sure the vessels are equipped with advanced emission reduction systems and waste management solutions to surpass environmental regulations.
Sustainable power
Our commitment to green technology extends to our power systems and fuel choice. Through discussions on operational profiles and data analyses, we provide the optimal choice for your project.
Cost-effective innovation
By integrating up to date technology into our designs, we maximize operational efficiency while minimizing running costs.
Smooth sailing
Our innovative designs and building techniques help mitigate onboard noise and vibration, ensuring a comfortable journey for crew and passengers.
Custom-tailored solutions
Ulstein's design and engineering team works closely with customers to create ships uniquely suited to their specific needs and preferences.
Resilient design
Our vessels are built to withstand harsh ocean conditions over a long lifespan, reducing maintenance needs and extending the ship's life.
Brand reflection
We design each vessel to visually represent your brand or company, ensuring it is recognizable and stands out in the harbour or at sea.

Trust through experience

We have lived up to market expectations for over a century through creativity and innovation. In collaboration with clients, yards, suppliers and classification societies we have helped shape the maritime industry.