National Geographic Endurance in ice, photo courtesy Lindblad Expeditions.


The ULSTEIN ship designs in the expedition cruising segment have been developed to satisfy the modern explorers and travellers. Our vessels have the highest seakeeping standards, and our designs can be customised for any customer specific wish.

Cruise designs

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We offer a portfolio of designs and equipment packages for the exploration cruise segment. Our thorough marketing and design concept analyses make a solid foundation for developing outstanding adventures and performances in an increasingly competitive market.

An 'Ocean Victory' Zodiac excursion in South Georgia. Photo: Albatros Expeditions.

Cruise portfolio

The ULSTEIN expedition cruise ship designs have been developed to satisfy modern explorers and travellers. 

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When investing in a newbuild project, we know that many uncertainties can slow down decision processes and cause delays. Through our experience, we help to reduce those uncertainties and ensure a smooth and successful project together.

Provide helpful analysis
Market, fleet and investment insights.
Proven ship design
Well-known Norwegian design and quality.
Design and equipment packages
Increase project economy through shorter newbuild delivery time.
Global shipbuilding experience
Partner yards worldwide.
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Compact and efficient in a world-leading maritime cluster. Delivery on time to the agreed price and quality.

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Every single trip has led to the absolute highest guest satisfaction. The possibilities these ships provide are truly beyond what I thought possible.

Martin Graser
Captain on the ‘National Geographic Resolution'

Customer stories

Learn more about the performance of our cruise vessel designs through customer stories and feature articles. 

National Geographic Resolution in the Lallemand Fjord on 1 February 2022 (Photo: Martin Graser)

‘National Geographic Resolution’ – ‘A vessel beyond what I thought possible’

"Yesterday, in Lallemand Fjord, the fast ice edge was packed with ice. We had to go deep in for an ice landing. It felt like a 'Shackleton experience' surrounded by ice. It was probably one of the most stunning ice walk experiences in my life. After dinner, I married a couple under the bow of the ship."

With observation wings for the passengers, it is possible to get views from an angle outside the ship’s side, here on the 'Greg Mortimer'. Photo by Kristian Yksnøy.

Can ship design cure seasickness?

In October 2019, the first ULSTEIN X-BOW® polar expedition cruise vessel, 'Greg Mortimer', left Ushuaia for her inaugural voyage. She was heading for the dreaded Drake Passage to reach the northern part of Antarctica. Among those on board was a person who “gets seasick just by looking at water”, the diving instructor.

An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis

The X-BOW® experience

The X-BOW® makes a huge difference in sea behaviour. It splits the wave energy and reduces the slamming impact. Successfully proven in more than 100 ships, the hull shape has recently become a game changer for expedition cruising. Yachts will be next.
'Greg Mortimer' bow area, photo by Peter Szyszka.

Combining the X-BOW® with a view

The ULSTEIN series of cruise vessels combines the offshore tough with a luxury touch. The implementation of the X-BOW® feature, firstly used on numerous offshore vessels, contributes to a more comfortable journey in any weather. The passengers get close to nature whilst protected, on an extraordinary vessel.

Greg Mortimer, photo by Sergei Andronov.

Project updates

SunStone Ships has ordered a series of expedition cruise vessels designed by Ulstein for construction at CMHI. These are the first China-built cruise vessels and were the first cruise ships contracted with the ULSTEIN X-BOW® feature, which increases comfort for the crew and passengers. 

Get more details in our project updates. 

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Lars Ståle Skoge DSC4468 comp bw

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Kolbjørn Moldskred DSC4422 comp bw

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