An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis

Yacht and yacht support

Ulstein is a leader in ship innovation and has changed the world of ship design. With an iconic brand we have launched ships still unmatched. All this while continuously innovating systems and products through extensive research and development programs, always combining the latest technology with contemporary design.

How we can help

When investing in a newbuild project, we know that many uncertainties can slow down decision processes and cause delays. Through our experience, we help to reduce those uncertainties and ensure a smooth and successful project together.

Strategic decision-making
Our advisory services provide comprehensive analysis on potential business investments, giving you the data-driven insights needed to make strategic and informed decisions.
Personalized expression
We partner with renowned ship interior designers who work closely with you to reflect your style and personality in every aspect of your yacht's design.
Ultimate privacy
Through thoughtfully planned layouts and privacy-enhancing design features, we ensure that your yacht offers a secluded retreat even when docked in bustling ports.
Global shipbuilding experience
We have newbuild project experience from partner yards around the world. Wherever you choose to build, we will follow up on the project through a dedicated newbuild site team.
Maintenance ease
Through our service agreement, we ensure that your yacht remains in optimal condition for worry-free enjoyment.
CX126 Black Rose Gold v2 Sea SB Fore Low

Yacht & yacht support portfolio

We offer excellence in ship design and site assistance. Being a reliable provider of high-quality vessels for more than 100 years, we develop explorer yachts and yacht support vessels together with our clients.

'Olivia O', an ULSTEIN X-BOW Yacht, designed and built for an undisclosed owner.

Reference - Olivia O

An ULSTEIN X-BOW® yacht built for an undisclosed owner by Ulstein Verft and delivered in 2018. The marine platform and hull line design have been developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions, the exterior design and general arrangement plan (GA) by the yacht designer Espen Øino.

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An ULSTEIN CX130 Yacht Support design with tender operations, side view.

Why choose an Ulstein yacht support vessel?

A yacht support vessel widens your opportunities for fun yachting. It carries all your toys and tenders without compromising the luxury and space of your mother yacht. Ulstein’s patented hull solution is offshore rough, developed from decades of real-life experience.

X BOW cruising in Antarctica, photo Aurora Expeditions.

Moving towards zero emissions in yachting

Leisure travelling has changed. Now, stylish privacy and daring exploration go hand in hand. And we want to travel consciously. How can yachting become greener without penalising comfort and leisure?

An ULSTEIN CX126 Ship design Galapagos

The ultimate Ulstein yachting experience

Based on a passion for aesthetics and technology, an Ulstein yacht is characterised by her organic lines and immaculate quality, and a stunning look that places her in a league of her own.

With observation wings for the passengers, it is possible to get views from an angle outside the ship’s side, here on the 'Greg Mortimer'. Photo by Kristian Yksnøy.

Can ship design cure seasickness?

In October 2019, the first ULSTEIN X-BOW® polar expedition cruise vessel, 'Greg Mortimer', left Ushuaia for her inaugural voyage. She was heading for the dreaded Drake Passage to reach the northern part of Antarctica. Among those on board was a person who “gets seasick just by looking at water”, the diving instructor.

Yacht brochure padded

A brief introduction to Ulstein yachting

In the presentation, you can read more about:

  • The story behind Ulstein yachting
  • The sea-keeping characteristics of the patented X-BOW
  • Vessel design portfolio

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Lars Ståle Skoge

Commercial Director
Ulstein Design & Solutions AS
Lars Ståle Skoge DSC4468 comp bw

Lars Ståle Skoge

Commercial Director

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS