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Yacht & yacht support

We offer excellence in ship design and site assistance. Being a reliable provider of high-quality vessels for more than 100 years, we develop explorer yachts and yacht support vessels together with our customers.

Yacht & yacht support vessel designs

We draw on our experience from harsh environments to deliver the Ulstein organic design concept - the ULSTEIN X-BOW®. Most, but not all, of our yacht designs feature this bow design for optimum comfort and safety in rough, head seas. With the integration of advanced technology and customised to the owner’s specifications and their choice of yacht interior designers, the Ulstein yacht is a symbol of refined luxury and one that can handle all conditions.

Yacht support

Our yacht support designs are available as newbuilds or as refits of vessels, typically Platform Supply Vessels, and offer high flexibility in customer-specific deck arrangements.

Yacht & yacht support portfolio

Proven designs - see our references

Vessel designs for the adventure market

Ropax, expedition cruises or private yachts all keep an element of adventure. Crossing the ocean and bringing passengers or guests safely from one place to another. 

At Ulstein, we use our extensive knowledge from designing and building offshore-tough vessels for the energy industry, to deliver passenger ships renowned for their seakeeping capabilities, comfort and environmentally-friendly solutions. 

National Geographic Endurance in ice, photo courtesy Lindblad Expeditions.

Cruise designs

The Ulstein ship designs in the expedition cruising segment have been developed to satisfy modern explorers and travellers. Our vessels have the highest seakeeping standards, and our designs can be customised for any customer-specific wish.

An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis

Yacht and yacht support

Ulstein is a leader in ship innovations and has changed the world of ship design. With an iconic brand, we have launched ships still unmatched. All this while continuously innovating systems and products through extensive research and development programmes, always combining the latest technology with contemporary design.

Rx102 Ulstein Pax


We offer state-of-the-art ship design and equipment package solutions for RoPax customers worldwide. Our RoPax vessels have the highest seakeeping standards with sustainable travelling in mind.

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS operates out of Ulsteinvik, Norway and develops award-winning ship designs and system solutions. We offer services such as engineering, project management and on-site shipbuilding assistance. 


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