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Towards a sustainable maritime future

Our vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations. We care for the natural environment and the society we are a part of, and sustainable growth is at the core of what we do. We have been around for 100 years, and we aim to keep going for generations to come.

A sustainable maritime legacy

Ulstein is on a journey in the maritime realm, blending tradition with innovative, eco-conscious designs. We value collaboration and believe that together, with like-minded partners, we can chart a sustainable course for the future. 

Join us as we navigate and contribute to a greener maritime legacy.


ESG report 2023

Ulstein has delivered 'Communication on progress' (COP) reports to the UN Global Compact since 2013. 

If you would like to know more about our approach to sustainability, please visit the UN Global Compact website for previous reports

Harnessing growth with ESG principles

Our commitment to ESG principles showcases our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and optimise value throughout our international ventures, always in tune with what our stakeholders seek and anticipate. 

Please read the report above or get a glimpse of our approach below. 

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We’ve been innovators in marine operations for a century, and we know the profound bond between the sea and society. Our approach isn't just about building ships; it's about creating eco-conscious marine solutions that stand the test of time.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us. Through measures like reducing operational emissions and focusing on energy efficiency, we’ve taken meaningful steps to diminish our environmental footprint. We’re proud of our energy-efficient LED lighting initiatives, which have drastically reduced energy consumption, and our future-facing shore power system coming in 2024.

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking ship designs, like the X-BOW, which not only challenges the norms but also drives down fuel consumption. Our focus on alternative fuels, including methanol and ammonia, hints at a greener maritime future.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Let's co-create greener horizons together.

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At Ulstein, we see beyond the present. 

We're on a heartfelt mission to shape a sustainable, ethical, and inclusive future for all. We've taken a firm stand against corruption, valuing honest dealings and the Norwegian Transparency Act of 2022 guidelines. 

We believe in an equal and respectful workspace, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard. Our involvement in the community isn't just about business. We actively support recreational sports for the youth, education, health, and SOS Children’s Villages. 

We also strive to enhance diverse representation within our team, especially among women. 

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We see governance as the compass guiding our journey towards sustainable growth. Rooted in our Code of Conduct, our vision and values drive our commitment to responsible, ethical, and conscientious business practices. Our Code covers our ethos and forms the bedrock for promoting the right attitudes and cultivating a positive company culture.

Responsibility cascades from our Board of Directors, ensuring that sustainability is interwoven into our strategy and operations, harmonizing with our Environmental Policy and conforming to the regulations of our operational regions. Our CEO, alongside the Group Management, orchestrates our daily sustainability endeavours.

Our strategy's core is to nurture sustainable growth while strengthening our global standing, achieved through relentless innovation and a respect for diversity. Our R&D commitment, evidenced by our NOK 82.2 million investment in 2022, predominantly supports green initiatives. Additionally, we've forged partnerships with respected institutions, aligning our efforts with bodies like the Norwegian Research Council and the European Commission.

Ulstein's environmental commitment

At Ulstein, our guiding principle is straightforward: to support seamless marine operations through dependable ship designs, meticulous shipbuilding, effective system solutions, and dedicated services.

Our foundational values — "Innovate, Engage, and Advance" — coupled with our strategic ambitions of "Sustainable Growth, Internationalisation, and Innovation", consistently steer us towards our vision:

"We create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations."

Commitment to the environment is not just a statement for us; it's an integral part of our QHSE Policy:

Consistent compliance: We are dedicated to fulfilling all current regulations and standards, ensuring our operations are both safe and environmentally considerate.

Thoughtful innovations: We aim to provide solutions that meet our client's needs and make a positive environmental difference by reducing emissions and environmental impacts.

Progressive sustainability steps: Sustainability is a journey, and we're on it. From enhancing energy efficiency in our everyday activities to championing the responsible use and recycling of materials, every step counts.

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QHSE policy

We are a long-term partner working to ensure future competitiveness and sustainable growth. 

Ulstein has a set of principles and guidelines to ensure the safety and health of our employees and those visiting us, protect the environment, and maintain the quality of our products and services.

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Transparency Act

The Norwegian Transparency Act mandates large Norwegian companies and their subsidiaries to respect human rights and decent working conditions, allowing public requests for information on their impact.

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Code of Conduct

Ulstein's Codes of Conduct for employees and partners in the maritime supply industry emphasize ethics, integrity, and respect in all business practices.

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Shaping the future, together

With our partners and customers by our side, we're bringing visionary concepts to life. Your insights and expertise could be the spark that is turning visions into realities. 

Join our team and help us shape the maritime industry.