The 'Aegir' is based on our SOC 5000 design. Originally a deep water construction vessel, it has been converted by Ulstein to a fast sailing, DP offshore heavy lift vessel.

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Timas 1201 May 2022

Setting the standard for offshore construction vessels

Heavy Offshore Construction Vessels are the backbone of offshore projects. These versatile vessels are pivotal in pipeline laying, subsea installations, and heavy lifting operations. When it comes to designing and developing these cutting-edge vessels, Ulstein can be perfect partner. With decades of experience, we excel in crafting tailor-made solutions that maximize efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability. 

As pioneers in offshore vessel design, we remain committed to delivering innovative and reliable vessels that meet the evolving demands of the energy industry.

Marine Automation System based on ULSTEIN X-CONNECT_Ulstein and Eggs

System integration

Cutting-edge solutions that optimise vessel performance and enhance operational efficiency. 

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Turning visions into realities motivates us to keep pushing for progress in the maritime industry. 

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Press Release

Ulstein Group result 2023

In 2023, Ulstein Group recorded revenues of NOK 1.4 billion and an operating profit of NOK 49 million. The knowledge and experience Ulstein have gained through more than a hundred-year history have created a dynamic and flexible organisation that we now benefit from in the transition to a greener and gradually more fossil-free future.

JSD6000 delivery 2 2880px

Delivery ceremony of the deepwater derrick lay vessel JSD6000

The delivery of the JSD6000 deepwater derrick lay vessel on May 28, 2024, marks a significant milestone in maritime engineering. Developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V., the vessel’s design is a customized iteration of the SOC 5000 heavy lift vessel tailored to meet SAIPEM’s operational needs. 


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