ULSTEIN J102 jack-up vessel: Installation at Offshore Wind Farm, 15 MW turbines.


With the X-JACK heavy-lift jack-up designs, we present our answer to the offshore wind industry’s need for fit-for-purpose, cost-efficient, yet future-proof wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV). These designs are equally well-suited for the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) stage in the life of offshore wind farms.

Jack-ups for wind turbine installation and operation and maintenance

Jack-up installation vessels use their legs to lift the vessel above sea level. Standing firmly on the seabed, the vessels operate safely without being impacted by the waves and currents. Their task is to install offshore wind farms' various foundations and components. 

Our design driver is to significantly increase the efficiency compared to existing units in the market, both in the logistical layout and payload capacity, while being lighter. Combining an innovative hull shape and vessel layout with well-proven jacking and crane technologies from reputable suppliers provides unrivalled heavy lift and cargo capabilities.

Jack-up portfolio

Our displayed design portfolio offers a glimpse of our capabilities, but rest assured, we can tailor our designs to match your exact requirements.

D99 CG012700 M Installing 1 002
Length: 113.3m
Beam: 69.3m

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