Close-up of the SOV vessel Windea La Cour, which is servicing the Gemini OWP offshore the Netherlands.


A trusted partner for shipowners and operators empowering the construction, maintenance, and operation of offshore wind farms and oil and gas facilities.

CSOV/ SOV ship designs

Ulstein is a leading designer of Construction Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) and Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) for the offshore energy sector. Ulstein’s vessels are safe, comfortable, and efficient. They have advanced motion compensation and walk-to-work systems, enabling easy transfers between the vessel and offshore structures. They can also have hybrid battery propulsion and energy storage systems, allowing lower emissions and operating costs, and run on alternative fuel to enable carbon-neutral operations.

Our SOV/CSOV designs are based on our innovative hull solutions, the X-BOW, X-STERN and TWIN X-STERN. 

Ulstein has a proven track record of delivering high-quality vessels for the offshore industry, with several references and ongoing projects. Ulstein’s CSOV/SOV vessels are the perfect choice for your offshore energy needs.

CSOV/SOV portfolio

Our displayed design portfolio offers a glimpse of our capabilities, but rest assured, we can tailor our designs to match your exact requirements.

SX226 Ulstein Sea SB Fore
Accommodation: 120-130POB
Deck area: 500sqm

Proven designs - see our references

Decades of building state-of-the-art vessels for demanding marine operations have given us a knowledge base and experience guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, execution and delivery. 


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