SX222 ULSTEIN v2 Nov22 Sea PS Fore Low


The Construction Service Operation Vessel (CSOV) is a specialized vessel designed for the offshore wind industry. It is based on the TWIN X-STERN with azimuth propellers located both fore and aft. The vessel has hybrid battery propulsion and is prepared for methanol fuel, allowing zero emissions. Its unique design and features make it an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for offshore wind operations.

Primary Specifications

89.6 m
19.7 m
Dead weight
2220 t
Draught (max)
5.9 m
Speed (max)
12.5 kn
120 cabins
Deck area
500 sqm
Note: Subject to selected variant configuration
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Lars Ståle Skoge

Commercial Director

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS