Ship design

We develop high revenue designs for cost-effective operations. Keen consideration is given to CAPEX, OPEX and technical aspects such as safety, station-keeping, crew comfort and on-board logistics. Advance your industry with state-of-the-art prototype designs, or reduce investment risks with our proven portfolio.


Fosen Ulstein join forces in ROPAX segment.The innovative Color Line plug-in hybrid vessel to be built at Ulstein Verft, is the fist vessel developed by the Fosen Ulstein Design & Engineering team.



  • Highly skilled expertise updated on the latest trends and standards
  • Vast experience and know how in putting together the right technology and equipment packages
  • Tailored designs with individual preferences
  • Portfolio of standardised designs
  • Partner yards and yard evaluation worldwide
  • Shipbuilding at our own yard - delivered on time
Per-Ivar-Roald, Torill-Muren, Vidar-Eikrem. Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

How to reduce risk in multi-million vessel project investments

Anyone about to invest in a ship project is facing several critical decisions: What is the business idea, what could be an appropriate business proposition, what is a better transport system solution? How many vessels? What functionality? At what cost? And how can we make return on investment?

The vessel investment challenge

Global deliveries

Being a global supplier of products and services requires local presence. We provide ship design & equipment packages with extended site support world-wide.

Design & equipment packages

Get empowered by taking conscious carbon steps

The shipping industry is transitioning towards reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency. Whether integrated in a novel design, or retrofitted, a solution supporting the transition should be the best compromise between operational needs, forming a good balance between cost and benefit.

Get empowered

References built at own and partner yards


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