Five stages in the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm.

Ship designs worldwide

When designing a ship, Ulstein helps shape the maritime industry. By providing sustainable and efficient solutions, we do our part to create a highly competitive and green business. The connection between operational challenges, the use of new technology, and commercial solutions is high on our priority list.

Pioneering tomorrow

Our approach to design is always to seek solutions to new challenges. A new design is an opportunity to improve our previous work. We use our expertise and imagination to provide the industry with new standards based on long-term competitiveness. We can do this by designing with a focus on the environment, cost-efficiency, reliability and the total life cycle cost of the product.

Key figures for 2022

Ulstein designed vessels in operation
Design & engineering projects
Yards building Ulstein designs

Shipbuilding worldwide

In addition to Ulstein's yard in Norway, we work with partner yards worldwide. Contact us if you have a specific yard in mind for your next project and would like us to assist. 

Global partner yards 2023

Vessel designs for the energy market

Our vessels are designed to operate in the Offshore Energy market (wind, oil and gas), making them a versatile option for companies looking to invest in sustainable energy solutions.

The SX120 design, the Oceanic Vega, met the tropical hurricane 'Igor' on her way across the Atlantic.

Survey and inspections

As a renowned ship designer, we offer innovative survey and inspection vessels. Our designs prioritize efficiency, safety, and advanced technology, ensuring seamless operations. 

You can trust us to enhance your surveying capabilities and your business' success.

The Fortitude is designed for ultra deepwater installation and construction, pipelay and heavy lift support. Photo: Flying Focus.

Construction and installation

We understand the unique challenges of the offshore energy segment. That's why we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial design to construction and delivery. 

Our knowledgeable team is always available to offer expert guidance and assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful project.

Acta Auriga offshore wind farm

Operations and maintenance

We have a deep appreciation for the distinctive obstacles faced by the offshore energy sector. This understanding drives us to offer extensive support at every stage, from the initial design phase to construction and delivery. 

Our highly competent team remains readily accessible to provide expert guidance and assistance, guaranteeing a seamless and prosperous project experience.

Vessel designs for the adventure market

Ropax, expedition cruises or private yachts all keep an element of adventure. Crossing the ocean and bringing passengers or guests safely from one place to another. 

At Ulstein, we use our extensive knowledge from designing and building offshore-tough vessels for the energy industry, to deliver passenger ships renowned for their seakeeping capabilities, comfort and environmentally-friendly solutions. 

National Geographic Endurance in ice, photo courtesy Lindblad Expeditions.

Cruise designs

The Ulstein ship designs in the expedition cruising segment have been developed to satisfy modern explorers and travellers. Our vessels have the highest seakeeping standards, and our designs can be customised for any customer-specific wish.

An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis

Yacht and yacht support

Ulstein is a leader in ship innovations and has changed the world of ship design. With an iconic brand, we have launched ships still unmatched. All this while continuously innovating systems and products through extensive research and development programmes, always combining the latest technology with contemporary design.

Rx102 Ulstein Pax


We offer state-of-the-art ship design and equipment package solutions for RoPax customers worldwide. Our RoPax vessels have the highest seakeeping standards with sustainable travelling in mind.

Vessel designs for fishing

We develop fit-for-purpose ship designs and solutions for the seafood industry, ranging from coastal vessels to state-of-the-art ocean-going trawlers. Our designs combine decades of experience in the design of advanced ships with more than 100 years of shipbuilding history.

FX102 ULSTEIN July23 Sea SB Fore Low

Trawler designs for the future of fishing

Are you seeking an advanced, efficient trawler tailored to your needs? Navigate the challenges of the fishing industry with our innovative vessel designs.

Concept design ULSTEIN THOR for replenishment powering.

Design that moves the industry forward

Harness Ulstein's expertise in developing robust ship designs where safety meets efficiency. 

Mezzanine Configuration with ROV facilities.

Revolutionise your fleet with our design services

Are you seeking to enhance your vessels' appeal to charterers or potential buyers, or are you keen to venture into a more lucrative market segment? 

Perhaps you're aiming to streamline operating costs. At Ulstein, we're at your service to adeptly guide you in conceptualising and actualising conversions, upgrades and retrofits for your current fleet. 

Together, we'll forge a pathway to heightened profitability and innovation.

The SOV vessel Windea La Cour under construction in the dock hall at Ulstein Verft.


At Ulstein, we intertwine over a century of shipbuilding heritage with contemporary innovation, offering an unrivalled blend of reliability, quality, and excellence. Whether at Ulstein Verft or our global partner yards, we redefine the realms of possibility for your projects, ensuring seamless integration and a prosperous long-term investment. 

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Lars Ståle Skoge DSC4468 comp bw

Lars Ståle Skoge

Commercial Director

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS
Edwin van Leeuwen Ulstein 19 comp bw

Edwin van Leeuwen

Managing Director

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