The Esvagt Aurora standby vessel - taking care of safety at offshore installations in the Barents Sea.

Emergency Response Rescue

Our Emergency Response Rescue Vessel (ERRV) range includes vessels performing field support and response operations as well as standby/rescue/emergency towing and coastguard/patrol duties worldwide.

Vessel designs for emergency response rescue operations

The flexible designs efficiently fulfil the speed requirements and the cargo and rescue capacities the customer or their client requires. Further, the various designs can be adapted to any regulations and are equipped for optimised positioning and speed. The necessary communication and navigational equipment perform quick, safe, reliable rescue and support operations.

Emergency Response Rescue portfolio

Our displayed design portfolio offers a glimpse of our capabilities, but rest assured, we can tailor our designs to match your exact requirements.

Proven design - see our references

Decades of building state-of-the-art vessels for demanding marine operations have given us a knowledge base and experience guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, execution and delivery. 


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