An Ulstein SX165 CLV

Cable Lay

Our fuel-efficient cable lay designs cover all cable installation projects, including vessels for power and fibre optic telecom cable, inter-array, export and interconnector cable laying. The fully integrated cable lay configuration is tailored to the owner’s requirements.

Vessel designs for cable lay operations

We are dedicated to providing designs for cost-efficient vessel operations, taking into account the safety and comfort of the crew and the efficiency of operations.

Our vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations, for which we deliver state-of-the-art solutions featuring hybrid power solutions for carbon-neutral and zero-emission operations. Ulstein’s cable laying designs range from large, shallow-water, high cable-capacity workhorses to nimble, time-efficient cable repair vessels.

Ulstein Design & Solutions provides the concept and basic cable laying designs, various design services, engineering, power integration and electrical services, site follow-up and turnkey shipbuilding deliveries.

Cable Lay portfolio

Our displayed design portfolio offers a glimpse of our capabilities, but rest assured, we can tailor our designs to match your exact requirements.


Decades of building state-of-the-art vessels for demanding marine operations have given us a knowledge base and experience guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, execution and delivery. 

An SX127 Cable Lay Vessel (CLV) design.

Developing a CLV design

When developing a design for a cable layer, essential design criteria are capacities, functionality and efficiency. Efficient cable laying, not compromising the gentle handling of the different cable types, is key.

An ULSTEIN SX165 Cable vessel

Why is the X-BOW particularly well suited for Cable laying vessels?

Why is the X-BOW particularly well suited for Cable laying vessels?

Operability, vessel motions, wear and tear of the cable - the X-BOW hull line design affects all three


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