An ULSTEIN SX209 Cable Repair vessel

SX209 Fibre Maintenance CLV

A compact and robust vessel optimised for cable repair of fibre optic cables. With a length of 99.6m and a width of 18m, the capacity is up to 1,000m of cables. The vessel accommodates 76.

Vessel Type
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Primary Specifications

99.6 m
18.0 m
Dead weight
2,800 t
Draught (max)
6.3 m
Speed (max)
15 kn
76 POB
Cable capacity
1,000 t

Additional Data

Fuel oil approx.
Fresh water approx
Note: Subject to selected variant configuration
  • An SX209 Cable repair work vessel
  • Compact design for Cable repair work
  • High manoeuvrability
  • Enclosed enviroment for cable work
  • High operability in designated areas
  • Environmentally friendly design and integrated system solutions
  • Diesel-electric propulsion with battery ESS for energy conservation and management
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Lars Ståle Skoge

Commercial Director

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS